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MASTER English Full PDF Book Download (A Most Helpful Book Of English For BCS, Bank & All Other Competitive Exams)

Thursday, May 7, 2020 | May 07, 2020 WIB Last Updated 2021-11-11T01:34:48Z

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Chapter Disclose: #Sentences & Functions of Sentences  #Parts of Speech  #Kinds of Nouns
#Countable and Uncountable Nouns #The Noun : Number #The Noun : Gender #The Noun : Case
#More About Pronouns #More about Adjectives #More about Verbs & Modals #Subject-Verb Agreement/Syntax #Conjugation of Verbs #Time and Tense #Verbal Noun, Gerund and Participle
#More about Adverbs and Adverbials #More about Prepositions #Appropriate Prepositions #More about Conjunctions #Articles and Determiners #Modifiers #Structural & Non-structural Words #Narration / Reporting #Voice change / Describing a Process/ Narrating events #Sentence and its Clauses/Joining/Splitting #Transformation of Sentences #Formation of Words / Antonyms #Words from one Part of Speech to Others #Same Word used as Different Parts of Speech #Group Verbs/Phrasal Verbs #Idioms #Nominal Compounds #Punctuation

#Sentence Pattern #Introductory—'There' #Introductory 'It' #Articles #Tenses #Gerund #Infinitives #Participles #Complex Sentences #Compound Sentences #Idiomatic uses of some Verbs
#Proverbs Idiomatic comparisons #Passages for Translation

This Book is Helpful for All Other Competitive Exam Such as University Adission Test , BCS and Bank Exam. Mostly helpful to understand basic Grammar, Remember in a Competitive exam the most essential part is english. You have to know english grammar basic and advance. Learn more about Previous Exam of Government and Private sectors. 
Download Instructions: You Can download from Google Drive. File type - PDF; Quality: Good. Total pages of Master Book is 1200 But This shared File is Part - 01 with first 600 pages. Part - 02 is not available yet. If you need also part - 02 of this book you can ask on comment box. We will try to share when part - 02 is available according to your comments. Part - 01 is 20.00MB; Pages: 600.
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Search Result: Definition Of Sentence with Examples and Structure - (1)Assertive Sentence  (2)Introgative Sentence (3)Imperative Sentence (4)Optative Sentence (5)Exclamatory Sentence
  • 300 Important Translation Which almost comes in All Kind Of jobs Exam
  • All About WH Words  
  • BCS Previous Question Of Synonym and Antonym 
  • Most important vocabulary for Bank, BCS & Other competitive Exams. 
  • Mistake Or Correct using of number 
  • Gerund ও Participle নির্ণয় 
  • Focus writings Techniq For Bank and BCS Exam ! 
  • The Gender (Important Gender Change In a Table) For Bank and Govt. Job's Exam !